Vet's Best Clean Ear Finger Pads for Dogs

Vet's Best ear cleaning wipes are safe and easy to use. Dogs ears are sensitive and must be cleaned carefully. Regular use of Vet's Best finger cleaning pads will help improve your dog's ear hygiene by removing wax and dirt. 

Key Benefits

Removes wax and reduces odours

Product Information

Vet's Best Ear Cleaning finger wipes removes wax from your dog's ears, reduces odours and helps improve your dog's ear hygiene. Dogs ears are very sensitive and therefore must be cleaned very carefully, these specially designed pads are safe and easy to use allowing the pet owner to be guided by touch, limiting the pets discomfort.

Recommended for

Dogs & Cats


Gently rub the accessible portion of the ear with finger pad, Repeat with clean pad if necessary. Use for 1-2 days, then once daily until the ear canal ins clean. Then use twice weekly to maintain clean ears.

Storage Information

Avoid contact with eyes and keep out of reach of children and pets to avoid unintended consumption.