Scruffs Quilted Thermal Dog Coat Black 30cm


Scruffs® Thermal Self-Heating Dog Coat provides warmth to your dog’s muscles on those brisk morning walks. A softshell exterior gives the coat excellent protection against wind and rain while retaining its breathable qualities.Our reflective technology lining, combined with a hollow fibre core maximises the dog coats thermal properties. A fleece collar and chest pad provide greater comfort, improved fitment and allow unrestricted movement

Size Guide

How to determine the correct size of dog coat for your pooch!The size of a dog coat is determined by measuring from the nape of your dogs’ neck to base of their tail. For an accurate measurement, ensure your dog is standing straight with their head up. A Sitting/laying dog or holding your dog will result in an incorrect back measurement. The nape of the neck is where the shoulder blades start. With your dog standing straight, run your fingers down the back of their neck until you feel where the shoulder blades start-this is the nape of the neck. Measure from this point to where your dog’s tail joins their body. Ensure their posture is maintained while you are measuring


Shell: 94% polyester, 6% spandex, Tricot: 100% polyester + Thermal tecH, Microfleece: 100% polyester, Quilting: 100% polyester.

Care & Use

Machine Washable: The whole Jacket is Machine Washable at 30 degrees.