Rosewood Naturals Snuffle Forage Mat for Small Animals

For most pets the ability to forage for foods and treats is a key way to 
bring enrichment into their lives. Our new Snuffle Mat, with its super-soft felt stands, is a great way to offer rabbits and rodents of all sizes this opportunity. Pet owners will be able to play hide and seek with all types of dried and even fresh foods, such as herbs.  The mat is a generous 29.5 x 20cm, can be used both in and outside of the pet's home and is hand washable.

Key Benefits

Play hide and seek with your pet's favourite treats
Allows pets to exhibit natural foraging instincts.
Made with pet-safe materials (like the fleece blankets used for guinea pigs).

Recommended for

Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, ferrets, gerbils, mice, chinchillas and degus


Small animals of all sizes love to forage for their food and treats. Our durable Snuffle Mat allows you to place food or treats between the soft felt strips for your pet to find.
For best results use with dry food and treats.
Wash after using with fresh vegetables or fruit.
Can be hand washed as required with a little mild detergent, thoroughly rinse and leave to air dry.

Size Guide

29.5 x 20cm 



Care & Use

Handwash Only

Safety Advice

Made from pet-safe materials commonly used with rabbits and rodents, which some pets may attempt to chew but not eat.
However, we recommend you supervise your pet when using the mat if you feel they are likely to chew it excessively or attempt to eat it!