Ipakitine 180g

£33.50 £18.61 per 100g

Ipakitine is recommended for use in cats and dogs that have chronic kidney failure. This is a common disease of older pets, and studies have shown that reducing phosphate in the food of affected cats and dogs can greatly help with management of kidney disease. 

Ipakitine acts as a phosphate binder so the amount of phosphate your pets ingests is reduced. 

Key Benefits

Ipakitine is:

  • Palatable - an alternative for cats / dogs that refuse to eat special diets. Older cats in particular can be very reluctant to change diets. 
  •  Easy to use - mix Ipakitine with food or sprinkle onto on foodtop
  •  Cost effective - one 50g pot of Ipakitine lasts 25 days for a 5kg cat 
  • Flexible and compatible - Ipakitine can be used on its own or in combination with special diets and other medications. 


  1. Calcium carbonate, chitosan.